The Big 3 with Rich Aguilera

Season 1

Evidence of Creation

S1 Ep 01  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Is there any evidence that God created everything?


S1 Ep 02  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
The Bible says the world was created in six days, then God rested on the seventh. Does nature provide any evidence about what like is like when we don't take time to slow down and rest?

God Created Everything | Dinosaurs

S1 Ep 03  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
We see things in nature that seem kinda mean and hurtful. Didn't God create everything?

The Flood

S1 Ep 04  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
The Bible says that the world got so sinful that God sent a Flood to clean the planet. What was that like?

After The Flood

S1 Ep 05  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
It's pretty obvious that the global Flood tore up the surface of our planet. What happened after the Flood?

Season 2

Worship The King

S2 Ep 1  |   8m   |   Rich Aguilera
Did God really create the entire universe?

The Universe

S2 Ep 2  |   7m   |   Rich Aguilera
The Universe is so big does God really have a plan for me?

Is God Dependable?

S2 Ep 3  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Can I really call on God for help wheneverI want?

God Our Rescuer

S2 Ep 4  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Is God really a rescuer? What do I need to be rescued from?

God is Our Friend

S2 Ep 5  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Is God really the ultimate Friend?

Season 3


S3 Ep 1  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Is it true that God has given us gifts? Did I get any? Was it one of the ones I got for my birthday?

The Bible

S3 Ep 2  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Is it true that God is speaking to us through an old book?

God Cares

S3 Ep 3  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Does God care about me especially when I am scared?

Jesus Came to Save Me

S3 Ep 4  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Did Jesus really come to die and to save me?


S3 Ep 5  |   9m   |   Rich Aguilera
Does God really have an awesome surprise in store for us?

The Big 3

The Big 3 Follow Rich Aguilera as he searches nature for evidence that God is our creator.

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