Page 2 (2020) Episodes 59-28
Don't Be a Lemon  
Ep. 59  |   Rich Aquilera |   December 21, 2020
Smile and be joyful. Philippians 4:4 - Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!

Ep. 58  |   Rich Aquilera |   December 14, 2020
I could use a fresh coat of snow!

What's Your Story?  
Ep. 57  |   Rich Aquilera |   November 21, 2020
Live your life story as a story that tells others about Jesus!

A Good Foundation  
Ep. 56  |   Rich Aquilera |   November 11, 2020
Always be look at how and where you can serve God!

God's Artwork  
Ep. 55  |   Rich Aquilera |   October 22, 2020
Don't forget to enjoy the free art show! Compliments of God...

Weird Weather  
Ep. 54  |   Rich Aquilera |   October 8, 2020
What is up with the weather lately?

Our Guide  
Ep. 53  |   Rich Aquilera |   Sept 4, 2020
In life, make sure have a guide that will lead you in the right direction and protect you along your journey!!

Lesson from a Waterfall
52  |   Rich Aquilera |   August 28, 2020
A little sin is still sin–don't mess with it!

The Mud Guy
51  |   Rich Aquilera |   August 21, 2020
God made mud! "The Mud Guy" really gets muddy in this SPLAT! Find out why some people call Rich Aguilera the mud guy.

A Quiet Place
50  |   Rich Aquilera |   August 7, 2020
Sometimes things get pretty crazy, sometimes they get pretty loud and even chaotic. That's why every day you need.....this...

A Real Mansion
49  |   Rich Aquilera |   July 25, 2020
This hotel really makes me look forward to the real mansion in heaven!

Jump In!
48  |   Rich Aquilera |   July 20, 2020
God made nature for you to enjoy!

Sleeping Bear Dunes
Ep. 47  |   Rich Aguilera   |   July 2, 2020
Sometimes you'll have challenges in just have to keep on going, God will be with you!
Like a Fort!
Ep. 46  |   Rich Aguilera   |   June 24, 2020
Guard what goes into your heart!
Our Character
Ep. 45  |   Rich Aguilera   |   June 10, 2020
Today we're talking about earthly possessions.
Don't Get Burned
Ep. 44  |   Rich Aguilera   |  May 26, 2020
Everyone knows it's important to stay away from things that will hurt you. Today is a reminder to stay away from the most dangerous thing known to humans...
Living for Jesus
Ep. 43  |   Rich Aguilera   |  May 13, 2020
Today's devotional thought comes from a monument at the center of the island of CUBA.
Ep. 42  |   Rich Aguilera   |  May 1, 2020
Freedom is a wonderful thing but it comes with a very high price tag. Never forget to thank those that pay the price, including Jesus!
Tiny Things can be Big Things
Ep. 41  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Mar 25, 2020
Ok, let's talk about the coronavirus, but just for a moment...
Ep. 40  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Apr 15, 2020
Today I'm talking about one of God's greatest gifts to us!
Ep. 39  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Apr 1, 2020
Let's talk about a recent visit to a few medical professionals...
Ep. 38  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Mar 19, 2020
God has a great plan for how people should treat each other...
Stay Close to Jesus
Ep. 37  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Mar 11, 2020
Best to keep your distance and stay as far as you can from dangerous things.
Don't Quit
Ep. 36  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Mar 4, 2020
Working toward something great? Don't quit! Stay encouraged!
A Sweet Treat
Ep. 35  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Feb 26, 2020
Not only do trees give us oxygen but some can provide a sweet treat, check it out.
Jesus is Our Lighthouse
Ep. 34  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Feb 19, 2020
Ever feel like you're lost? Jesus is the light!
An Imposter?
Ep. 33  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Feb 12, 2020
Make sure to always keep your eyes focused on Jesus.
Sweet Surprises
Ep. 32  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 29, 2020
Sometimes God blesses us with many wonderful surprises...
God's Promises
Ep. 31  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 22, 2020
This place reminds me of one of many of God's amazing promises!
Worship in Heaven
Ep. 30  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 15, 2020
A historical church in Cuba reminds me of worship in Heaven.
Bible Stories are True!
Ep. 29  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 7, 2020
Today I'm visiting one of the most amazing Biblical attractions in the USA!
Jesus' Return
Ep. 28  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 1, 2020
A family tradition reminds me of something awesome that will be coming soon!

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