Page 3 (2019) Episodes 27-01
Reflect God's Truth
Ep. 027  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Dec 18, 2019
Who do you reflect by the way you live your life?
You Are Unique
Ep. 026  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Dec 11, 2019
Somedays we just don't feel very special. Today is a reminder that you are incredibly special and loved!
Enjoy God's Amazing Nature
Ep. 025  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Dec 4, 2019
Sometimes in life you just need to stop and smell the roses...or just stop at places like this...
Ep. 024  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Nov 27, 2019
Today's vlog is a short thought about that amazing day when God will recreate us.
Our Protection
Ep. 023  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Nov 20, 2019
Today's location is a reminder of how much God loves and protects us!
Bullying is Not Cool
Ep. 022  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Nov 13, 2019
These guys were very cute, but bullying is not cute at all...
God's Route for Us
Ep. 021  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Nov 6, 2019
Roadtrips are a classic part of American life. Have you ever been on this road before?
Be Flexible But True To God
Ep. 020  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Oct 16, 2019
Today I'm standing in front of one of the most recognizable monuments in the United States!
God's Amazing Scenery
Ep. 019  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Oct 8, 2019
I never expected to find this on today's adventure...
God's Sweet Gifts to Us
Ep. 018  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Oct 2, 2019
Check out these amazingly sweet gifts from God!
Check Out Nature Near You
Ep. 017  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Sept 25, 2019
Sometimes you just need to stop and smell the roses, except there weren't any roses here...
Remembering The Ultimate Sacrifice
Ep. 016  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Sept 11, 2019
Today I am remembering and honoring the memory of the people that lost their lives on 9-11...
We All Fall Down Sometimes
Ep. 015  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Aug 27, 2019
Even though we fall down at times-God can make something good out of it.
Life Is Full Of Surprises
Ep. 014  |   Rich Aguilera   |  June 13, 2019
Snow in June? I kid you not....Where am I?...
Heaven Is the Real Paradise
Ep. 013  |   Rich Aguilera   |  June 5, 2019
Check it out! Am I in paradise?...
Summer Camp
Ep. 012  |   Rich Aguilera   |  May 28, 2019
Today I'm talking about one of my favorite places!
Listening for God's Voice
Ep. 011  |   Rich Aguilera   |  May 16, 2019
Are you always listening to that little small voice? Today I was and something incredible happened..
Mansions in Heaven
Ep. 010  |   Rich Aguilera   |  April 25 2019
And you thought these buildings were impressive...
Honor God with Your Body
Ep. 009  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Apr 17, 2019
I'm on an island today and sometimes you just have to say "Just say NO MON..."
Hold Back Your Words
Ep. 008  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Apr 10, 2019
You can hold your breath ...but can you hold this?
Philippians 4:13
Ep. 007  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Apr 3, 2019
Ever had to do something scary? Life is full of those moments but boy do I have a verse for you!
Don't Be a Cactus
Ep. 006  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Mar 28 2019
Are you a difficult person to get along with? This is for you!
God's Cool Nature
Ep. 005  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Mar 22 2019
WARNING: You might get a little dizzy watching todays vlog...
Let God Work Through You
Ep. 004  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Feb 28, 2019
The Mud Guy got a little muddy last fall...
The Original Food
Ep. 003  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Feb 12, 2019
This is like walking through a supermarket? Say what? Check it out!
Discover Your Talents
Ep. 002  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 31 2019
Rich is coming to you this week from Loveland, Colorado!
God's Path for You
Ep. 001  |   Rich Aguilera   |  Jan 23 2019
Is your path in life kinda blurry sometimes...?
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