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Kindergarten Sabbath School Lessons by Hannah Lovatiana

QUARTER 1 (2023)

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2023 Q1, LESSON 12   |   for March 25, 2023

Have you ever known someone who died? Jesus died. But He didn’t stay dead. God raised Him back to life so He could save us and take us to heaven someday.

Memory Verse: “We believe that Jesus died and rose again.” <1>Thessalonians 4:14, NIV.

Message: We praise Jesus because He died and rose again.

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2023 Q1, LESSON 11   |   for March 18, 2023

Have you ever had to do something really hard? Jesus did something really difficult for you.

Memory Verse: “You are worthy, . . . God, to receive glory and honor and power.” Revelation 4:11, NIV.

Message: We praise Jesus for doing hard things for us.

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2023 Q1, LESSON 10   |   for March 11, 2023

We wash our hands before every meal and before we eat anything. A long time ago Jesus helped His friends wash before supper, but it wasn’t their hands He was concerned about!

Memory Verse: “[He] loved his own who were in the world.” John 13:1, NIV.

Message: We praise Jesus for showing us His love.

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2023 Q1, LESSON 9   |   for March 4, 2023

For what do you like to thank Jesus? How do you show Him you love Him? There was one time that people praised Him with a parade, palm branches, and loud voices.

Memory Verse: “Blessed is the king who comes in the name of the Lord!” Luke 19:38, NIV.

Message: We worship Jesus when we praise Him.

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2023 Q1, LESSON 8   |   for Feb 25, 2023

Has someone you love been sick—so sick that they died? The Bible tells about two sisters who didn’t want their brother to die. They wanted Jesus to help him.

Memory Verse: “Jesus loved Martha and her sister and Lazarus.” John 11:5, NIV.

Message: Jesus does what is best for us.

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Who Is Your Neighbor?

2023 Q1, LESSON 7   |   for Feb 18, 2023

Who is your neighbor? Is it the person who lives next door to you? Jesus said that to be a good neighbor means more than that!

Memory Verse: “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27, NIV

Message: God wants us to show love to everyone.

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Too Short to See

2023 Q1, LESSON 6   |   for Feb 11, 2023

Do you know someone that other people don’t like? Do you think Jesus likes that person? What would you do if you knew no one liked you?

Memory Verse: “[Jesus] came to seek and to save the lost.” Luke 19:10, NIV.

Message: Jesus wants everyone to be in His family.

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Let Them Come!

2023 Q1, LESSON 5   |   for Feb 4, 2023

Who is your favorite grown-up besides your parents? Is it your grandma or grandpa? Your Sabbath School teacher? When Jesus was on earth, He was many children’s favorite grown-up.

Memory Verse: “Let the little children come to me.” Luke 18:16, NIV.

Message: Jesus loves me! He wants me in His family!

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A Friend to All

2023 Q1, LESSON 4   |   for Jan 28, 2023

The Bible doesn’t give us details about Jesus’ childhood. But based on what we do know about Jesus, let’s imagine how He may have been as a child.

Memory Verse: “Be kind . . . to one another.” Ephesians 4:32, NIV.

Message: We serve God when we are kind.

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Lost and Found

2023 Q1, LESSON 3   |   for Jan 21, 2023

What do you like to do most in Sabbath School and church? Do you like to sing songs or give an offering? How about listening to stories about God? When Jesus was a child, He visited the big Temple with His parents.

Memory Verse: “And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature.” Luke 2:52, NIV.

Message: We learn so that we can help others.

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Daddy's Helper

2023 Q1, LESSON 2   |   for Jan 14, 2023

What are some new things you are learning to do? Are you learning new ways to help around the house? When you do your best work, you are growing up to be like Jesus.

Memory Verse: “Even small children are known by their actions.” Proverbs 20:11, NIV

Message: We serve God when we do our best work.

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A Child Like Me

2023 Q1, LESSON 1   |   for Jan 7, 2023

How do you show your family that you love them? Are you kind to them? Do you give them gifts? Do you help them?

Memory Verse: “Then he went down to Nazareth . . . and was obedient.”Luke 2:51, NIV.

Message: We are like Jesus when we obey and help.

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