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Truth On Trial
Evangelism 'Shine' Camp
What happens when God's Truth is on trial? Check out this play from Hendersonville, NC during an Evangelism Camp for kids.

Ayden Polishuk

What Are You Thinking About?
Ep. 5  |   Ayden Polishuk
Ayden Polishuk share a message about how our thoughts and what we think about each day can define who we are an our character.
Ep. 4  |   Ayden Polishuk
Ayden Polishuk gives a short talk about "Family"
The Sanctuary
Ep. 3  |   Ayden Polishuk
Ayden Polishuk shares a sermon about the Sanctuary.
Ep. 2  |   Ayden Polishuk
Ayden Polishuk gives a short sermon on Samuel.
Amazing Grace
Ep. 1  |   Ayden Polishuk
Ayden Polishuk shares a story about the writer and song "Amazing Grace."

Onyx Daquila

Onyx Daquila - Personal Testimony
Part 2  | Onyx D.
Part 2- Onyx Daquila gives her personal testimony.
God's Dream for His Last Day Kids
Part 1  |   Onyx D.
Part 1- Onyx Daquila gives the special message at the Pasay Seventh-day Adventist Church.

Matt E.

Fear into Faith

Ep. 9  |   6m   |   Matt E.

Children's Story - Daniel

Ep. 8  |   11m   |   Matt E.
Matt E. gives the chidlren's story about Daniel.

Is Jesus In Your Boat?

Ep. 7  |   8m   |   Matt E.
Matt E. (5 years old) delivers the sermon about Jesus and the storm at the Filipino SDA Church, Flushing, NY.

Samuel M. Green

God of Second Chances

Ep. 6  |   15m   |   Samuel M. Green

Just Wait On The Lord

Ep. 5  |   11m   |   Samuel M. Green
Samuel presents a special message about waiting on the Lord and His perfect timing.

Esther the Game Changer

Ep. 4  |   16m   |   Samuel M. Green
Samuel presented "Esther, the Game Changer" for Hiram AYS Youth Day on March 8, 2014.


Ep. 3  |   11m   |   Samuel M. Green
Samuel Green shares the story of Creation.


Ep. 2  |   10m   |   Samuel M. Green
Samuel Green shares the story of Daniel.


Ep. 1  |   9m   |   Samuel M. Green
Samuel (age 6) tells the Bible story of "Jonah" during a Children's Day event in Illinois (2011).
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Preaching God's Word

Adults aren’t the only ones that are called by God to preach His word. Just like young Samuel answered God’s call in 1 Samuel 3:4, so have the kids featured here. Pray for God to touch your heart as you listen to these inspired messages!

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