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Moment with the Marvelous Creator

Hornsby Springs

The Hornsby Springs at Camp Kulaqua in Florida holds some interesting things that testify about our amazing Creator.

"Sonny" the Ball Python

Also known as the Royal Python

See LargerBall Python image

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"Zilla" the Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon reminds us how to have respect for others.

See LargerAustralian Bearded Dragon image

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"Packy" the Pacman Frog

Also known as the South American horned frog.

See LargerGreat Horned Frog - Pacman Frog  image

Nature Fact Sheet Coming Soon!

African Hedgehog

Also known as the four-toed pygmy Hedgehog


Sand Boa

The Kenyan sand boa spends most of it's time under sand. It hunts by lying in wait and ambushing passing prey.

See LargerSand Boa

Nature Fact Sheet Coming Soon!

River Cooter

The common River Cooter is native to the United States.

Turtle fact Sheet for kids

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Crested Gecko

The Crested Gecko was once thought to be extinct.

Crested Gecko fact Sheet for kids

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Moment with the Marvelous Creator

Moment with the Marvelous Creator

Keith Nelson, Director of the Wildlife Sanctuary at Camp Kulaqua in High Springs, Florida, shares biblical lessons through some of the amazing creatures within his care.

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Camp Kulaqua, located in High Springs, Florida, is a Seventh-day Adventist youth camp offering summer camps in a Christian atmosphere for ages 7-17.

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