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NEW! Green Apple Gum

After making a selfish decision, Marcus learns that it truly is more blessed to give than to receive.

Ice Queen

Chrissy learns a hard lesson about the dangers of letting pride grow in her heart.

NEW! Eddy's Dream Bike

Eddy learns the value of both prayer and persistence while raising chickens to earn money to buy a new bike.

Help! Save Me

After experiencing one death and then surviving another, Craig comes to understand God’s saving power.

Guilty by Association

Cameron discovers how easily his reputation can be affected by the people he chooses to be friends with.

Living Like Tahili

Nathan makes a difficult commitment to help out a needy child in Africa, but gains a greater blessing through his unselfish act.

Fat Cat Freddie

When a curious cat escapes from the safety of his warm house, his family leans on the power of prayer and is reminded of just how much Jesus loves them.

Mean Old Rooster

A rooster with a bad attitude teaches a lesson about the importance of becoming a peace-maker.

Zack's Secret

Zack is tempted to cover up a terrible mistake, but learns that honesty is the best policy and asks for forgiveness.

Tracy's Terrifying Jump

Tracy learns about God’s protection after jumping into a lake without knowing how to swim.

A Squirrel's Tale

A frightened little squirrel teaches Rusty a very important lesson about being obedient.
Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories

Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories

Miss Brenda reads her popular children's books. Each volume is a collection of more than twenty-five delightful stories - stories that you will never forget that teach valuable life lessons. Some stories take you halfway around the world, and others will seem as if they could have happened in your own backyard. These true stories, written especially for Miss Brenda by beloved and best-selling authors (some written by Miss Brenda herself!) are sure to be loved by children and treasured by parents and grandparents.

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Kids Club for Jesus is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization. Please visit our profile on Guidestar