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Christ-centered programs for kids designed to teach them about their Best Friend, Jesus, through science, nature, Bible stories, music, health, and more.

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Amazing Adventure
Aunty K Children's Sabbath School
Awesome Science
AFM - Adventist Frontier Missions
Chef Ani
Debunking Evolution
Graceville Bible Lessons
God's Amazing Animals
God's Amazing Animals Fun Facts
Kids Time
The Big 3 - Season 1
IThe Creation Guys
Creeping Things
International Pathfinder Camporee
Cooking with Miss Brenda
Kids Praise Demos
Miss Brenda's Bedtime Stories
Memory Verses
Praise Time Singles series
Power Tips for Parents
Preaching God's Word
Facebook Live with Miss Brenda
Kindergarten Sabbath School Lessons
Shila and Kezia PowerPoints Sabbath School
Primary Sabbath School Lessons
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