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Incredible Gluten-Free
Vegan Holiday Roast

Ep. 132  |   6m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani
Today mom and I are going to show you how to make a gluten free vegan holiday roast. You would not believe that this is a gluten free roast as it is so delicious. It is best when made a day in advance, so I am posting a day early to give you an opportunity to make this for Thanksgiving if you desire.
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"The Best" Super Easy Cranberry Sauce

Ep. 131  |   2m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani
What is Thanksgiving without Cranberry Sauce. It adds both flavor and beauty to the Holiday meal. Homemade is so much better than the store bought and it is so easy to make. This cranberry sauce can be made ahead of time, or you can whip it up right before a meal. Some prefer it cold, others warm, and some at room temperature. Any which way, it is delicious!31
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Mother's Day Breakfast ft. Kaija

Ep. 130  |   3m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani
Mother’s Day is right around the corner, and what an opportunity to let our mothers know how much they mean to us. So, my sister and I decided to make our mom an early Mother’s Day surprise breakfast with some of our favorite recipes. It was especially nice, as my grandma was able to join us. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. What a tremendous job you do, a blessing beyond words.

Sensational Pumpkin Spice Cake (Vegan)

Ep. 129  |   3m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani
Here is the recipe for a delicious vegan pumpkin spice cake. These cakes are sure to make your Holidays extra festive. This cake can be made into so many different shapes, but for Thanksgiving I would suggest using mini bundt pans and putting two together to make the cakes look more like pumpkins.
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Roasted Delicata Squash with Stuffing (Vegan)

Ep. 128  |   5m   |   2019  |  Chef Ani
Delicata Squash is a wonderful squash, first and foremost because it tastes great, but also because the skin is tender enough that you can actually eat it. It is simple and easy to prepare, and can definitely stand on its own, but to make this dish special for the upcoming Holidays, we added some stuffing and served it with cranberry sauce. It was fantabulous.
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3 Generations of Sisters (Norway Trip)

Ep. 127   |   8m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani

Amazing Curry Noodle Soup (Vegan)

Ep. 126   |   4m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani 
This is a curry noodle soup with a flavor punch that is absolutely wonderful. It is a favorite soup in my home. It’s a great comfort soup on a cold and rainy day, but definitely a great soup for any day. You can make it spicy or mild according to your taste.
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Terrific Green or Black Olive Tapenade (Vegan)

Ep. 125   |   3m   |   2019   |  Chef Ani
If you have never had olive tapenade before, you have been missing out. It is a wonderful dip/spread, packed full of flavor, and super easy to make. This particular recipe was developed for a friend’s wedding, and though we made a lot, it disappeared within a few minutes. It makes a terrific appetizer.
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Apple Cinnamon Swirly Twisted Sweet Bread (Vegan)

Ep. 124   |   4m   |   2018   |  Chef Ani
Today we are making an apple cinnamon swirly twisted sweet bread. I love this bread, it is one for the books. And I discovered that you can even make this bread without a chef’s knife. Thank you for supporting me, for watching my videos, for giving me thumbs up, for encouraging me, and for subscribing to my channel.
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Easy Incredible Marinara Sauce (Vegan)

Ep. 123   |   4m   |   2018   |  Chef Ani   |  Guest: Kaija
A basic tomato sauce recipe is a staple in any kitchen. The recipe we are making today is super easy to make and a favorite in our home. A slight variation in flavor, and this sauce can be used for a variety of dishes. Most Americans today buy their tomato sauce, but the flavor difference in a home made tomato sauce is remarkable. Give this one a try.
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Quick and Easy Chickpea Salad (Vegan)

Ep. 122   |   4m   |   2018   |  Chef Ani
This is such a wonderful salad. It is perfect for a quick lunch or a unique side dish. It is simple and easy to make, and is packed full of nutrients and protein. This would be a great addition to any meal.
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A Rustic Wedding Cake (Vegan)

Ep. 121   |   5m   |  2018   |  Chef Ani
So, it is time for another wedding cake. This time in Tennessee, a beautiful rented lake house, 400+ special guests, a 3 tiered wedding cake, and many, many sheet cakes. Come with me and see the bumps we experienced along the way.

Bestemor's Amazingly Healthy Strawberry Jam (Vegan)

Ep. 120   |   3m   |  2018   |  Chef Ani
I am in Norway visiting my grandma, and as usual she has stocked up on several jars of strawberry and blueberry jams. This is always wise, as we love this jam and eat more than our share on bread while we are here. I asked grandma to show us how she makes this jam. It is super easy, wonderful, and healthy. She sweetens the jam using dates, but you would never be able to tell.
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Chef Ani

Chef Ani is a graduate of the Natural Gourmet Institute of New York City. She loves to cook and has been in the kitchen as far back as she can remember. A life-long vegetarian and now a plant-based chef, she enjoys junk food as much as the next guy, but realizes that though it tastes good, it is not good for her. Have you ever heard the saying: “You are what you eat”? Well, science is telling us that this is absolutely true. The food choices we make today are super important to how we feel and operate tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could come up with recipes that do both, taste delicious and make us feel wonderful? That is chef Ani's quest.

Chef Ani starts each program by saying ... "Enough talking, let’s get cooking!"

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