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Kidspoint (Season 1)

Lamp Unto My Feet

Ep 1  |   BrixKidz
Uncle Andrew shares a story from his childhood that helps us understand which direction we should choose in life. Bible text: Psalm 119:105

Love Thy Neighbour

Ep 2  |   BrixKidz
Pastor Max shares a story that shows us the importance of treating others with kindness. Bible text: Bible Text: Luke 6:31

I've Got You!

Ep 3  |   BrixKidz
Uncle Craige shares a story from his childhood that teaches us no matter wherever we go that our heavenly father is always with us. Bible text: Psalm 139:7-10

Send the Rain

Ep 4  |   BrixKidz
Auntie Michelle shares a special story about a time that God answered her prayer. May we learn to trust God to hear your prayers. Bible text: Isaiah 65:24

Trust In God

Ep 5  |   KidsPoint
Pastor Max shares a scary story from his childhood that reminds him that God is our protector. Bible text: Bible Text: 121:5

Made in His Image

Ep 6  |   KidsPoint
Uncle Andrew shares a story about the lesson he learned as a kid about not fitting in with the crowd taught him a special lesson about how special he truly was. Bible text: Genesis 1 & 2

No Greater Love

Ep 7  |   KidsPoint
Uncle Craige shares a story about some elephants that reminded him that God is always there to save us. Bible text: Psalm 27:10; John 3:16

How to Make a Difference

Ep 8  |   KidsPoint
Uncle Layne shares a story of how we can all make a difference in other people's lives. Challenge yourself to make three people happy today. Bible text: Philippians 2:5

Honour Your Parents

Ep 9  |   KidsPoint
Uncle Andrew tells a couple stories about a time when he disobeyed his parents (or teachers) and the lessons he learned from his mistakes. Bible text: Ephesians 6:2-3
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BrixKidz create variety of children videos and events that are welcoming, fun, safe, educational, well planned and resourced. BrixKidz desires that through their various initiatives’ children will participate in the life and worship of their faith community, develop strategies to cope with problems, develop positive mindsets, learn resilience and a sense of value.

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