Ask Pastah Nassah (pg 5)

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Questions 16-30

#30- Q: "Why can't we see God?"
Bible text reference: John 4:24
#29- Q: "When God created Adam and Eve, were they the first people on earth and are we cousins or family?"
Bible text reference: Genesis 1:27
#28 - Q: "Why did God allow Job to suffer for a long time and lose everything he had?
Bible text reference: Job 42:2
#27 - Q: "Why can't I hear God's voice when I'm in a quiet place?"
Bible text reference: Kings 19:11-12
NEW! #26 - Q: "When Cain killed Able and fled, where did the people come from at the place where he fled?"
Bible text reference: Genesis 5:5
NEW! #25 - Q: "How can the world have been without sin?"
Bible text reference: Romans 5:12
NEW! #24 - Q: "How do you know that God is happy with our actions and thoughts?"
Bible text reference: 1 Corinthians 10:31
#23 - Q: "After Adam and Eve sinned, why did some animals become unfriendly?"
Bible text reference: Isaiah 11:6
#22 - Q: "How did Jonah survive in the fish's tummy for three days without food or water?"
Bible text reference: Jonah 1:17
#21 - Q: "Why did David fight goliath and not his older brothers?"
Bible text reference: 1 Samuel 17:45
#20 - Q: "Why as Christians do we need to help others?"
Bible text reference: John 15:12
#19 - Q: "Why did Jesus lay down his life for sinful people...?"
Bible text reference: Luke 15:11-24
#18 - Q: "Why didn't the other 9 return to Jesus and say thank you?"
Bible text reference: Psalm 9:1
#17 - Q: "Is there a sin that God cannot forgive?"
Bible text reference: 1 John 1:9
#16 - Q: "Is it wrong to celebrate Easter?"
Bible text reference: 1 Corinthians 11:24
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Ask Pastah Nassah

Ask Pastah Nassah is a kid friendly approach to Bible questions. Pastah Nassah’s fun loving personality coupled with his knowledge of the Bible is the perfect combination in reaching and teaching children of all ages about the Word of God. Pastah Nassah is married to Aunty K.

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