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Arnie's Shack – Noah's Ark

Take a journey with Arnie as he explores the biblical account of Noah’s Ark and the flood. Experience the story of Noah and the flood through sand art, listen to Ranger Hardy talk about life on board the ark, watch Pastor Daron make an ark using balloons, learn from Professor IR Wise as he looks at the impact of the flood on the earth, explore a scale model of Noah’s Ark with PJ and sing along to some catchy new songs.

Songs: “Back At The Shack”, “ Back At The Shack Reprise” “Build An Ark”, “Extraordinary Boat”, “PJ’s Song”, and “Choose To Obey”

Noah's Ark - Part 1

Noah's Ark - Part 2

Noah's Ark Interview

Ep 3  |  28m  |   Abide Family Ministries
The mystery of Noah’s Ark has fascinated people for thousands of years. No other object mentioned in the annals of ancient history has so stirred man’s imagination. For many, it’s just a story; for others, at best, only a myth. But for those who have taken the time to honestly and diligently look into the Bible’s account and available evidence, Noah’s Ark is a real ship of antiquity that has survived a catastrophic global flood.
Join Cybele Coutet as she presents a Q&A interview with Noel Deed, modelmaker as he explains what the Bible says about Noah's Ark and also as he shares his accurately scaled replica of Noah's Ark.
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What is Arnie's Shack?

Arnie, the host, is a puppet character, depicting a wise old and sometimes humorous Australian farmer. He lives at Arnie's Shack with his wife Doreen, and he loves getting up early to feed the animals on his farm. Arnie's favourite pastime is talking to God and reading His Word. Come along to Arnie's Shack to meet all his friends and family, for fun and adventure. This puppet series teaches children positive Christian values in a fun and interactive way. The Arnie’s Shack Series addresses important issues and values that children and families are daily confronted with.

Abide Family Ministries: We exist to share the love of Jesus with families all over the world through music and multimedia presentations. We have a passion for strengthening and encouraging families by sharing positive Christian values.

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