Missionary Kid Life

Zina's Twins
Ep. 12
Reaching the unreached is sometimes seen in the small actions of daily life. Watch how the Cokers at the AFM Susu Project show Christ's love in action to one of their neighbors.
Trip to the Farm
Ep. 11
What do AFM missionary kids do day to day? Here is a casual example. Video by Immanuel Coker
Mau's Story
Ep. 10
Mau has been haunted by spirits his entire life. Watch this personal story of his conversion documented by Caleb Timmins.
Walk through Angkor Wat
Ep. 9
Join Caleb Timmins as he adventures through this world wonder!
The Best Day of My Life!
Ep. 8
"The two best days of my life is my wedding day and today." Socheat hopes to channel his newfound faith and zeal for Christ to help his indigenous village.
House Dedication
Ep. 7
Have you ever wanted anything so badly you were willing to sacrifice everything for it? That's what this family did for Jesus.
A Cambodian Market
Ep. 6
Go with Caleb Timmins as he explores a local Cambodian market for mangoes!
A Muddy Bible Study
Ep. 5
Witness Caleb's journey as he travels the treacherous roads on his way to the village of Pucherry!
Adventure in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Ep. 4
Find out what Caleb witnesses as he wanders around the capital city of Cambodia!
Life on Furlough
Ep. 3b Part 2
See what the Timmins family are up to on their furlough back to the States and New Zealand!
A Baptism In Cambodia
Ep. 3a Part 1
Witness a day of baptism at the Pnong Project captured by Caleb Timmins.
A Sabbath In Cambodia
Ep. 2
Sabbaths are always special out in the mission field. See what a typical Sabbath looks like at the Great River Project in Cambodia.
Living in the Mission Field
Ep. 1
Caleb Timmins and his friends share the best part about living in the mission field.
Gap Year As A Missionary Nurse
Laressa Farnsworth takes a gap year off to be a missionary nurse in a remote village in Palawan, Philippines.
Once Upon a Time - Luke & Lily
'Once Upon a Time' is a series created by Adventist Frontier Missions for children. We believe that anyone can make a difference for God's Kingdom.
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AFM Missionary Kids – Get a sneak peak of life in the missionary field through the eyes and experience of some special kids.

Adventist Frontier Missions establishes indigenous Seventh-day Adventist church-planting movements among unreached people groups.

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Kids Club for Jesus is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization. Please visit our profile on Guidestar