Prayer is our way of communicating with Jesus. Even though He already knows what we need, He wants us to ask! Prayer is a big part of our relationship with Him. Here you can enjoy privilege of praying for those who have special concerns and requests. As you read these requests, take time to pray for each one. Remember that prayer makes a difference in people's lives! Will YOU commit to helping these special prayers?

Please fill out the form and send us your prayer. We will post it as soon as we can. And if you receive a special answer to your prayer, let us know and we will post your update!

Prayer Requests
Jorem (1)
Location: Germany

I pray for my son Jorem who is soon 2 years and does not speak. Please Lord produce a miracle make him at least call me mummy. He started speaking some months ago and later stop. Lord help me please help me to make him speak i am desperate i have tried all means. In the mighty Name of Jesus Christ I asked and prayed Amen

Addwin (16)
Location: India

please pray for my today's final exam result of class 9, so that i pass in exam

Liliana (11)
Location: NY

My best friends dad has cancer and can’t eat food, he is unable to go to Roswell. It is stomach cancer and we don’t think he’ll make it very long. So please pray for him and his daughter, my friend.

Grace (10)
Location: Australia

can you pray for me to make Godly friends.And two girls at church always be mean to me, Brenda can you pray for them too.

Kathy (4)
Location: Villa Rica GA

Agree with me for my grandaughter brook to be saved one day and her mom the mom was involved in occultic practices protection for brook until the mom is saved. A retired nurse

Denise (43)
Location: Canada

Please pray for the children in Mexico that we will meet and minister to them on our mission trip this December. Pray that they will come to our VBS and evening programs and that they will make Jesus their best friend! Thanks.

Coleen (12)
Location: UK

Hello. I’m asking for prayers for me and my family and a lot of other people to be always obedient and faithful to god. Might be a simple request but sometimes we all lose faith in god. Gob bless us thank you

Glory (40)
Location: Lagos, Nigeria

Prayer for my daughter Zoe O. That God should prtect her all the days of her life, that God should grant her good future, that God should provide for us her parents so we can meet her needs in Jesus name Amen

Kense (12)
Location: Cross River State, Nigeria

Please pray that my mum, younger sister and I will be able to travel out and relocate to the UK. Times are a little tough, so we really need your prayers. I also want God to take away my terrible stage fright and nervousness.

Za’kiyah (7)
Location: St. Louis

I pray that I will be able to go to heaven & that my name will be put into the Lambs book of life. That me and my family will be holy and receive the Holy Ghost to be God’s witness

Logan H (10)
Location: NC, USA

Please pray for my uncle George. He had surgery this past week.

Liniya (11)
Location: Belize

Please pray for my dad he broke his foot December 24, and needs a surgery and if he do not get it he will be left unable to walk.

John F (11)
Location: IA, USA

Please pray for my sister because she broke her leg last year.

Marika (15)
Location: Fiji

Please pray for me to be honest and kind to Mum n Dad - Thank you

Lucia B. (10)
Location: NJ, USA

My teacher said there is going to be a new student in our class. Please pray and welcome her. Also, pray for my family, friends, and Haiti. Too much harm is going on for the people in Haiti and I want them to be safe. Thanks and happy Sabbath!!!

Princess (19)
Location: MA, USA

I’ve been in the hospital for three months now for bad behavior and there’s no home services that are willing to take me. My mom says I can’t go home without the services. I have autism, schizophrenia, functional neurological disorder and Smith McGinnis syndrome. I’m afraid to go back to Appleburry behavior associates because the staff keep triggering me with how they speak to me. They also pull me on Field trips when my body says it’s nap time. Nap times are completely unexpected for me; they pop up out of the blue. Could you please help me?

Emma B. (10)
Location: Kansas, USA

For my Mom and Dad who are getting divorced.

Location: Switzerland

Please pray with me for protection for my grandson Liam who is going to day care started on the Jan, 2022. There are too many children got Covid this month. Pray for all the children of the world. Thank you.

Location: Kingston

Prayer request for Viola C fears to stop and have birthday parties with gifts and family togetherness. Desperate needs situation for her motor neural diesese to heal and miracle cure needed. Unspoken request for William.

Johnny Jr & Fam
Location: TN, USA

Myself my wife and each 9 kids

Location: USA

Please pray for me.. this season has been extremely difficult and very lonely. I've been working so much, I have rarely had any time for anything else. The time in the Word for me has been almost non-existent and I am unfortunately not in any type of community at all. It seems "work" has been consuming my life. I feel miserable, frustrated, and empty.. almost like a zombie. I'm sorry to complain, but please pray for me, and that God would intervene and would do whatever He sees necessary. I feel so "off track" in my walk and in life. I miss consistently spending time with Him and I miss being in a community of believers. Thank you and God bless you!

Location: USA

Please pray for my wife. She is in ICU

Location: TX USA

For my family as we lost a love one and for my mom and my dad and for my sisters and for me.

Location: Canada

Thank you for your praying ministry. Praising God for my pregnancy that is blessed. Praying for God's grace & protection. Lifting my toddler daughter & unborn child to keep Jesus close in their hearts & mind. Praying for my growing family to be faithful in this end times.

Vusile M. (13)
Location: Eswatini

Please pray and ask God to answer my prayers

Location: Canada

Thank you for your praying ministry. Praising God for my pregnancy that is blessed. Praying for God's grace & protection. Lifting my toddler daughter & unborn child to keep Jesus close in their hearts & mind. Praying for my growing family to be faithful in this end times.

Location: Florida

For restoration of the communication and relationships friends and family in my life.

Derrik (26)
Location: Birmingham, England

For HELPMATE guaranteed and CALL in Jesus Christ's Name Amen. World Healing in Jesus Christ's Name Amen. For my private prayer requests to be answered always in Jesus Christ's Name Amen.

Pastor Brian O. (25)
Location: Kenya

Please pray for the ministry in Kenya and the needs to get a land where our orphans will stay in church home care.amen!

Liana (10)
Location: Birmingham, England

Please pray for all the people who have experienced Corna Virus as they have all have met a sad point but hey they have gone through it with people who care for them so also please pray for the doctors, nurses and scientists who have helped all those sad people.

Anjana (17)
Location: Bahrain

Hi my name is Anjana my standard student MY EXAMS ARE IN May and June SO CONTINOUSLY PRAY FOR ME. pls keep on praying, bad thoughts of ending my life is coming to my head I blame myself for all the wrong I have done. I want to concentrate in my studies too but I dream a lot and I have lost the interest to study subjects like biology and chemistry and physics. Please pray for me for wisdom, for focus. Please pray for me that I can stay focused and not have all these thoughts in my head.


Please rpay for a community of animal friends to actively promote 2 shelter cats - multicolored and white-black. There is only a short time left, they need to be rescued from the shelter and taken to a safe home, otherwise they will be killed. Thank you

Marissa (29)
Location: Boston, MA

I pray for my one and only child who I never got to see because he was taken from me from 2 abusive and cold hearted men. I pray that I get together with my boyfriend who is his father and that we see him soon and find him. I pray my child is safe and not missing us too much. I pray he is warm and not suffering without us. My boyfriend John and I miss him very much and we need to find him soon. Please keep John, me(Marissa) and our baby who is 10 months old in our prayers. Thank you. God bless you, amen.

Location: CANDA

Please pray for my dad, Tom Beal who is extremely ill. Please pray for every cancer cell in his body to be cast out, healing him of his cancer and for him to be woken from his coma. My dad has been in a coma for almost 3 months after suffering 2 strokes, after surgery to remove a grade 4 cancerous brain tumour. For someone with this cancer the average lifespan is 2 years with aggressive cancer treatment. My dad isn't a candidate for any cancer treatment and the tumour has begun to grow back. The doctors have little to no hope. I’m begging for your prayers now for a miracle to save my dad, the most precious thing in my life. He is so extraordinarily loved by literally hundreds, and he loves them all so purely in return. He is only 57. He and my mom are soulmates, and their souls are so bonded that they can't survive without each other. He in his beautifully humble and selfless way, loves us more than he could ever begin to love himself, and is not afraid to tell anyone how much we mean to him. He is truly the best person I know. The kindest, bravest, most compassionate, wisest, humblest, most intelligent, funniest, most optimistic and the most loving person I know. He is not only my dad but my best friend, mentor, and guide. I could give up everything in my life and still feel rich so long as I have my parents, specifically my dad. He has the most incredible ability to spread light to those around him, it just draws people in. He can start up a conversation with anyone, no matter who they are and they just feel comfortable with him, and within a few minutes, they become a friend. How something so horrific so terrible and so cruel could have happened to such an amazing man is beyond me. He cannot speak, cannot move and may not even be able to comprehend the things he sees or what is said around him. I do not think he can pray or reach out to God in any way. In his impossible case, I beg you all to hold up my petition to heights I can’t, as I know all things are possible with God. I would be extremely grateful if you would say a prayer for a miracle for my dad, so he can live, grow in his faith and share in our love for many more years. Thank you

Victoria (10)
Location: Australia

Please pray for my cousins, their parents have divorced & their mother is an atheist.

Location: PA, USA

Please lord hear my prayer, for my dad who has been sick and needs help to overcome these hard times. I pray that my dad comes home safe. Amen

Location: Wellington, New Zealand

Can you pray with me to get permanent custody of my son (7 year old) and my daughter (11 year old); because their mother’s (two different women) are teaching them evil things in life. I want to raise my kids in Jesus Christ and I’m praying for His divine grace (favor) to get permanent custody of my kids from their mother’s.

Location: Nigeria

1. That my daughter Mabel will be married in 2021 2. That the forces of Islam will be defeated in Nigeria 3. Let my hearing God’s voice become part of my life. 4. Let millions be converted through my books and tracts.

Jason N (12)
Location: Wellington New zealand

Lord Jesus Christ I believe you are the Lord Jesus Christ King Jesus Christ I believe you are the King Jesus Christ Saviour Jesus Christ I believe you are the Saviour Jesus Christ I ask you Lord Jesus Christ to make for me in heaven the most beautiful golden mansion made of pure gold embedded with diamond to be my home in heaven created and designed by the Creator of all things in heaven and earth. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Location: Columbia, SC

I have an unspoken request

Hanna S (13)
Location: Canada

Please pray for my uncle who is not a Christian he is trying to stop smoking and drinking. He needs lots of prayers.

Location: --

please pray for 2 poor dogs and 4 cats to be saved and get adopted from animal shelter M. or they will be euthanased. thanks

Location: Alberta

please pray that my friend will have a safe drive to their home.

Natalie (15)
Location: New Zealand

Please pray for Kaitlyn. Help her to find a group of Christian friends.

Samantha P (11)
Location: Alabama, USA

Please pray that my Grandparents would give there hearts to Jesus. And please pray for all the people who have lost loved ones to the COVID19 and the people that have it. And please pray that the people around the world will give there hearts to God.🙏🙏🙏

Kamilah (7)
Location: New Zealand

I am asking for prayer for kids club for jesus and that it will grow.

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