Prayer is our way of communicating with Jesus. Even though He already knows what we need, He wants us to ask! Prayer is a big part of our relationship with Him. Here you can enjoy privilege of praying for those who have special concerns and requests. As you read these requests, take time to pray for each one. Remember that prayer makes a difference in people's lives! Will YOU commit to helping these special prayers?

Please fill out the form and send us your prayer. We will post it as soon as we can. And if you receive a special answer to your prayer, let us know and we will post your update!

Prayer Requests
Location: Columbia, SC

I have an unspoken request

Hanna S (13)
Location: Canada

Please pray for my uncle who is not a Christian he is trying to stop smoking and drinking. He needs lots of prayers.

Location: --

please pray for 2 poor dogs and 4 cats to be saved and get adopted from animal shelter M. or they will be euthanased. thanks

Location: Alberta

please pray that my friend will have a safe drive to their home.

Natalie (15)
Location: New Zealand

Please pray for Kaitlyn. Help her to find a group of Christian friends.

Samantha P (11)
Location: Alabama, USA

Please pray that my Grandparents would give there hearts to Jesus. And please pray for all the people who have lost loved ones to the COVID19 and the people that have it. And please pray that the people around the world will give there hearts to God.🙏🙏🙏

Kamilah (7)
Location: New Zealand

I am asking for prayer for kids club for jesus and that it will grow.

Zaraiah (13)
Location: California, USA

Please pray for my family and the tiny hummingbird egg in my backyard

Kamilah (7)
Location: New zealand

I would like prayers for a bird, for a horse and that we all go to heaven Also that i dont get cornavirus

Loy (14)
Location: Massachusetts, USA

Please pray for my grandpa and my dad's old professor because they have dementia. Also, please pray for my aunt who is a nurse in the U.K. during this hard time and for all the people that are being exposed to coronavirus. Please pray for my Dad's cousin who lost her husband to the virus. Thank you.

Malik (5)
Location: NY, USA

Requesting prayer for Chimezie. Lord please answer prayers.

Rylee (9)
Location: AK, USA

Please for my friend Roman, Lucy, and Junior. Please pray for me and my family not to get the virus thank you.

Sydney P (7)
Location: PA, USA

Please pray for my dad. Here is in the navy and deployed. I don’t want him to catch the terrible coronavirus. Please also pray for myself because this is the first deployment I will remember and this is new for me.

Isabel (7)
Location: TX, USA

Please pray for me and my family to not get the virus.Thank you!

Eden (13)
Location: MI, USA

Please pray for me and my TERRIBLE headaches.

Esther (10)
Location: FL, USA

Dear Heavenly Father thank you for this Sabbath day to happen with at virus out there one of my family members have the coronavirus this virus is killing a lot of people my aunt she live in New York and she may not get healed help her lord.

Shakina (8)
Location: FL, USA

Thank you father thank you for this wonderful day please help my family be safe and the other people out their who don't have the coronavirus and please help my family and other people be safe and Jesus name I pray amen.

Location: Canada

My prayer request are for 2 precious children in whom they will be move for adoption in a christian home.They are our foster children and they are already in an SDA christian home and we feel sorry for them to be moved when they are alrb eady settle with us and learn lots of Bible story, sing song and able now to recite Bible verses.Please include them in your prayers.Their name Klayten and Sianna.

Hanna (12)
Location: Canada

Please pray that my aunt can go to church every week. She can’t right now because she doesn’t have a good reliable car. And for my uncle he doesn’t go to church.

Anna (12)
Location: USA

Please pray for my sister Sarah... She has been doing some wrong things and she is hurting

Sharon (10)
Location: South Korea

Dear heavenly Father, help my mom grandma to be like jesus and to go the church.

Jerniah R. (11)
Location: St. Lucia

Dear Jesus,I pray that you be with my family, I pray that you protect us from evil I pray that you be with me when i write my Common Entrance Exam and i pass for my school of dreams in your name i pray. Amen

Skyla J. (11)
Location: St. Lucia

Dear Jesus, I pray that you be with me and my family I pray that you protect us and forgive my mom. In your name I pray

Ella (10)
Location: St. Lucia

please, pray for my mother because she is dealing with drugs.

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