KCFJ Newsletter #005 (2022 Update)

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Dear Friends,

Children from all around the world are watching our Christ-centered programs on Kids Club for Jesus .

It is so encouraging to hear from both parents and children telling us how much they are being blessed by our ministry. Deanna, a grateful mother from Kentucky, was particularly excited about our Books for Free program. She wrote,  

“Dear Miss Brenda, I always loved reading, and I think my daughter is going to be the same since she already asks me to read her a “bedtime story” at least three to four times a day, sometimes more. There’s a lot of things she doesn’t understand about God and Jesus yet, but she loves hearing about it all, so I think these books will steer her in the right direction. It’s really a wonderful thing you all are doing especially with times being so hard and everything else being so expensive. I know a lot of moms, myself included, would not be able to afford to buy books for their kids, even if they were relatively cheap . . . so thanks so much for allowing me to get my daughter some books that I’m sure she will cherish for a long time!”

We receive many letters from children as well. One young viewer writes:

“Dear Miss Brenda, I’m ten years old and I live in Newfoundland, Canada. Me and my brother Isaac really love your Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories. We listen to them every night. I also have your app, Kids Club for Jesus. I also love Kids Time. Me and Isaac watch them on Saturdays. I love to play piano. I like to do gymnastics. I can already do the splits and I’m really good at art. Please pray for my daddy to accept Jesus into his heart. And please pray for my 3-year-old cousin Willow who has cancer. Love, Eden.”

These stories and so many others just like them inspire us to keep on working and producing even more programs.

iphone app available for Kids club for jesus

A Wide Variety of Programs

To date, we have uploaded almost 2,000 quality Christ-centered programs. You’ll find a wide variety, including nature, science, cooking, music, character-building stories, Sabbath schools, missions, and so much more.

In addition to our programming, we also offer opportunities for kids around the world to have an active role in this ministry by sending in videos of themselves sharing Jesus in a variety of ways, such as telling a Bible story, preaching a sermonette, singing or playing a musical instrument, as well as reciting scripture. All of our videos are available on our website and on our free Kids Club for Jesus app.

Check out the apps here: Apple | Android

Leave us a review and let us know what you think.

praise writers logo

This year we met Sam and Shelly Glionna, who moved to Belize several years ago and started a music ministry for the children in the Spanish Lookout area. With their encouragement, the Spanish Lookout Kids Choir was formed and many children started writing their own songs. Today, those kids are known as the Praise Writers and are featured on our network. At the beginning of each video, Sam and Shelley take a few moments to interview the young songwriters to find out the inspiration behind the lyrics. You can find out more about Sam, Shelley, the kids, and their ministry by visiting the Praise Writers page on our website.

Also, be on the lookout for a new program hosted by Chuck Hagele and myself, called Life Ready Kids. This is a series of programs designed for kids ages 12-14 which focus on topics that they are dealing with, including loneliness, anger, insecurity, jealousy, breaking bad habits, and many others. You’ll learn both practical tips and biblical advice on how to combat and overcome these issues, so that kids will be ready to tackle life’s difficulties.

Get to know thirteen more fascinating animals in season two of one of our most popular programs, God’s Amazing Animals . This program is receiving quite a bit of attention not only on our network but on the Kids Club for Jesus channel on YouTube as well. Each video highlights some unique and incredible features about the animals and will be enjoyed by kids and adults alike. This season’s lineup includes the octopus, jellyfish, kangaroo, panda bear, elephant, sloth, and more. Get ready to be astonished by God’s special love and care for each of His amazing animals. No doubt you’ll also learn some things you never knew before!

Another popular program is Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories . In addition to reading the stories from the book or listening to the audiobook version, we are making them available to watch as well. Each story focuses on a particular character-building lesson and video is inserted that makes the story come to life! People all around the globe are not only enjoying these programs on their devices, but schools are using them for worship and churches are showing them for the children’s story right before the main sermon. New programs are released as fast as they are edited, so be sure to check back often.

We continue to go live each Sabbath at 5:30 PM Eastern time on Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn , and Twitter for an hour of Family Praise & Worship . I’m at the piano playing favorite song requests and a different musical guest joins me each Sabbath to sing or play an instrument. On special occasions there is a guest host or pianist, and you’re sure to be blessed by the incredible talent God brings together. We’ve heard from so many around the world that the hymns and songs they hear on our program have helped restore their broken relationship with God. And families have discovered the joy of praising God through song. There is certainly Holy Spirit power in music! 

More Resources

Don’t forget about our Books for Free program! We still need Christ-centered children’s books so that we can distribute them to interested families. If you have new or used children’s books that are in good condition, please consider donating them to Kids Club for Jesus. We have a team of volunteers that inspect each book for quality and content. If you’d like to take advantage of these free books, requests can be submitted via our website and the only expense to families is the cost of shipping.

Look for our devotional app, Kids Club Devotions, available for free on your app store. Kids and families can start each day with a short nature devotion from the book, “Windows on God’s World,” written by James Tucker. Each day features an interesting animal, plant, or another nature topic that will help open our minds to just how much God really loves us.

We are continuing to raise funds through Miss Brenda’s Bakery so if you know of anyone in the Chattanooga area that needs baked goods, please send them to our website, missbrendasbakery.com . We take orders all month long.

For the past two years, I have been speaking all over the world via Zoom, but I am excited that travel restrictions have been lifted and I’m now traveling in person again both in the states and Internationally. There’s nothing quite like sharing Jesus face to face! Everywhere I go, I’m able to talk about Kids Club for Jesus and our Christ-centered programs. If your church or conference would like me to speak, please email me at brenda@brendawalsh.com. 

We Need Your Help

We are still praying for a physical location in which to create programs. Technology is changing rapidly and it is no longer necessary to have a super large studio to produce programs. We do however still need a space, so please make this a matter of prayer. Right now, my home is the studio, and believe me, we use every inch of it for something! But we are patiently waiting on the Lord and His divine direction, and in His time, He will reveal His perfect plan! 

In addition to our own programs, we also feature those from other children’s ministries. It is our goal to produce more programs of our own, but we desperately need funds to make it possible. Kids Club for Jesus does not receive funds from either public nor private organizations. We are completely funded by individual donations and depend on your help to move this ministry forward. We would especially like to focus on producing programs for kids ages 12-15 as this is one age group that truly is lacking in spiritual resources. However, we cannot make this happen without hiring additional production crew and video editors, and unfortunately, we currently don’t have the extra finances to make this happen. If you’d like to contribute, please prayerfully consider what God would have you do to help us reach even more children.

Thank you for being a part of our Kids Club for Jesus family. Your generous support makes this network possible. I am truly grateful that God has given us the privilege of working with you, for together we are a powerful soul-winning team. Let us continue to keep faithfully pressing on to introduce Jesus to children who have never yet met Him and also to encourage those that already know Him to develop an even stronger relationship with their Best Friend, Jesus.

Please keep us in prayer as we work together to share Jesus with His children around the world!

For His honor and glory,

Brenda Walsh
President, Kids Club for Jesus 

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Kids Club for Jesus is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization. Please visit our profile on Guidestar