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Dear Friends,

I’m writing to let you know that Kids Club for Jesus has not only launched, but is officially up and running, reaching kids around the world. Our network is Internet-based so children can watch Christ-centered programs on-demand. We currently have over 700 programs available to watch and are adding new ones each week. Please visit our website www.kidsclubforjesus.org and you will see a wide variety of content for kids including programs on worship, Bible study, nature, music, character-building stories, cooking, science, youth camp events, and so much more. We also stream live events twice a week. To have accomplished so much in just a little over a year is truly a testament of the amazing things God can do! We claim His promise in Matthew 19:26, “. . . but with God all things are possible."

But this is just the beginning - there is still so much more to do. In addition to our programs, we plan to have a vibrant leadership center where we will train children and youth to be leaders for Christ. Classes will be taught where kids will learn how to do community outreach, give Bible studies, teach inspiring Sabbath school classes, minister through music, and yes . . . preach! Until we have a physical location, all classes are being developed for online learning, which will make them easily accessible around the world.

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Covid-19 has presented a unique opportunity to witness to children. More than ever before they are on their devices and due to restrictions that time has significantly increased. They can not only watch programs on our website that will draw them closer to Jesus, but they will have access to Bible studies, daily devotions, science experiments, nature lessons, and arts & crafts; they can also submit prayer requests and so much more. 

Hannah Lovatiana Kindergarten Sabbath School Lessons for kids image Many people say, “Children are the future leaders of our church,” yet sadly not enough is being done to spiritually feed them. Thousands of dollars are spent on evangelistic efforts for adults, but what is being done for our children? COVID-19 has further impacted children’s ministries. Even where churches have opened up for service, most of them are offering Sabbath Schools for adults only – not children. That is why Kids Club for Jesus is providing quality online Sabbath schools to meet this need.

Truly, we are living in the last days. Now more than ever before, we must do more to make the spiritual needs of children a priority. I am reaching out to you personally to ask for your prayers and financial assistance. We currently have five employees and we are all working as hard as we can to make Kids Club for Jesus a special place where children can not only learn more about God, but be drawn closer to Him. This is definitely a “faith walk,” where we literally are trusting God to provide – and our God is faithful. He has not failed us yet and He never will. There are some months I have no idea how we will make payroll – and then a check arrives in the mail. I’ve seen firsthand God’s answers to prayers. Donate online

I believe with all of my heart that God has commissioned us to go forward with this ministry and we are prayerfully answering His call. The need is great as there are children around the world who have no idea who Jesus is. Even kids who come from “Christian homes” are leaving the church because they don’t really know Jesus as their Best Friend and Savior. 

If you would like to help in our global efforts to introduce kids to Jesus through children’s programs and leadership training, I plead with you to prayerfully consider supporting Kids Club for Jesus. As the Holy Spirit impresses, please send your tax-deductible love gifts to:

Kids Club for Jesus
PO Box 2238
Collegedale, TN 37315

 You may also donate online

May God richly bless you and all that you do for this ministry and for God’s children around the world. 

For His honor and glory,

Brenda Walsh 
President, Kids Club for Jesus 
Phone: 865-776-4908

Kids Club for Jesus is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization.
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Kids Club for Jesus is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization. Please visit our profile on Guidestar