KCFJ Newsletter #004 (2021 Update)

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Dear Friends,

As another year is drawing to a close, I want to take the opportunity to share with you how God is using Kids Club for Jesus to take the gospel to children around the world. We have received numerous letters, emails, texts, and phone calls from people sharing how children have fallen in love with Jesus because of our Christ-centered programs. Some International families who don’t attend church are encouraging their kids to watch just for the sheer benefit for them to learn English, and in doing so, are learning about God. I heard from one mother in Saudi Arabia whose family now attends our church regularly because of the influence the programs had on her children. One family shared how their child had an argument with her teacher about Creation after watching our program The Creation Guys. The mother had no idea her child knew anything about it. Another mother shared how her 16-year-old autistic son stays calm while watching our programs. “The minute I turn off your programs, he starts getting agitated and throwing things. I’m so very grateful for your network as we were contemplating putting him in a home that provides 24/7 care because we couldn’t deal with the violent outbursts. But now, I just turn on the programs and he sits and watches calmly.” She didn’t know he was actually gaining anything from them intellectually until one day he said to her, “Jesus loves Brian,” as he pointed to himself.

These stories and so many others just like them are what inspires us to keep on working and producing even more programs. Your generous support of Kids Club for Jesus makes this network possible. Thank you for being a part of our family. I am truly grateful that God has given us the privilege of working with you, for together we are a powerful soul-winning team. Let us keep faithfully pressing on to introduce Jesus to those who have never yet met Him and also to encourage those that already know Him to develop an even stronger relationship with their Best Friend, Jesus.

A New Normal

Our world isn’t getting any better, and like it or not, we’ve been forced into a new normal where fear and confusion seem to be in control. Children, as well as adults, have had to adapt to mask-wearing, social distancing mandates, separation from friends and family, business closings, and so much more. Many people are afraid to leave their homes, only going out when absolutely necessary. Sadly, church attendance has dropped significantly as many people choose to worship at home . . . or not at all. As a result, personal interaction, both socially and spiritually, is at an all-time low. This lack of social connection means that more and more kids are sitting at home bored and watching all kinds of sin-enticing programs on their devices. Their attention is focused on video games, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok—all part of Satan’s plan to steal the hearts and minds of our children.

To introduce kids to Jesus, we need to reach them where they are, so this year we are increasing our social media presence. You can find us on Facebook , YouTube, Twitter , Instagram and Pinterest . To date, we’ve added to our website almost 1,400 quality Christ-centered programs, which are available on our free Kids Club for Jesus app as well. We also offer opportunities for kids to send in videos of themselves sharing Jesus in a variety of ways, such as telling a Bible story, preaching a sermonette, singing or playing a musical instrument, as well as reciting scripture. These programs make it possible for children all over the world to participate in Kids Club for Jesus.

Check out the apps here: Apple | Android

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During this COVID pandemic, our team has worked harder than ever to continue to share Jesus around the globe. Stories from our video collection of Miss Brenda’s Bedtime Stories are being downloaded and shared in churches all over the world. We also have children’s Sabbath school programs for every age level, which parents were especially grateful for since very little spiritual food was available for kids. Even though many churches are now open, our Sabbath school programs are still quite popular, drawing a large number of viewers each week.

Check out our weekly Sabbath School Programs:

Kindergarten Sabbath School

Aunty K Children's Sabbath School for Primary ages

SK&H Powerpoint Sabbath School for teens

Programming for All Ages

Each Sabbath at 5:30 PM Eastern time we go LIVE on Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn , and Twitter for an hour of Praise & Worship where I’m at the piano playing your favorite song requests. A different musical guest joins me each Sabbath to sing or play an instrument. Adults and children alike enjoy this program. People are joining us from literally all over the world—from Australia, Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, England, Fiji, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Palau, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Turkey, and many more. We are excited that our global viewing audience grows bigger each week. At the end, we take prayer requests. Each prayer request is sent to our prayer warriors so that people around the world will be lifting each request up in prayer every day.

This year, we introduced a podcast called Behind the Scenes hosted by our general manager, Mellisa Hoffman, and myself, where we answer your questions, talk about ministry needs, and share the miracles we witness each day as we go forward doing what God has called us to do. This allows us to keep our viewers and donors updated on how the ministry is growing. We post a new podcast every Monday on my YouTube channel Brenda Walsh Ministries. You can also find us on Spotify , Amazon Music, Audible, Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio , and TuneIn . We recently recorded a Behind the Scenes program with Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis . He spoke with us about The Ark Encounter and also some exciting plans for 2022! If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to go to our YouTube channel and take a look. We look forward to our next interview with him at The Creation Museum.

In addition to our podcasts, we have many other programs for people of all ages to watch on our Brenda Walsh Ministries YouTube channel. These can all be viewed at times that are convenient for you, day or night. Some examples are Praise & Worship , Cooking with Miss Brenda , and live events, with new programs being added each week. We even have some of my father’s sermons from his program Walking With the Master .

Going Forward

Although I could no longer travel around the world as I was doing, God called me to speak for Him each week via Zoom. Sometimes I spoke to three to four different countries in one weekend. I also pre-recorded sermons for churches, as well as told children’s stories that were used for their virtual programs. I am continuing to speak on Zoom, but I’m happy that travel has begun to open up again. Everywhere I speak, I am given an opportunity to talk about Kids Club for Jesus. In December, I’ll be traveling to the Bahamas to be the Week of Prayer speaker for their church school.

We are excited about our new Books for Free program where people can send us their new or used religious books for kids. We have a team of volunteers that go through each book making sure they are in good condition, and most importantly, that the content contains biblical truth. They can be found on our Kids Club for Jesus website and the only expense to families is the cost of shipping.

Something else that we are excited about is our recently updated daily devotional app, Kids Club Devotions We feature children’s devotions from James Tucker, author of many devotional books for kids, which bring to life spiritual lessons learned from nature, God’s second book.

Be sure to check it out: Apple | Android )

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Last year, we started Miss Brenda’s Bakery , a fundraiser to support our ministry. On Fridays from 12-3 pm, the Village Market on the campus of Southern Adventist University in Collegedale, Tennessee, generously allows us to sell home-baked items such as pies, cakes, cookies, scones, bread, cinnamon rolls, and more. Miss Brenda's BakeryEverything is personally baked by Mellisa and myself, with our moms helping as well. The bakery not only gives us the opportunity to bring in much needed funds, but allows us to meet people in our community and share with them what we are doing and how they can help the ministry grow. Visit the bakery online at missbrendasbakery.com..

Many people have asked about the progress to find a studio and so I would like to share with you the challenges we are facing. The real estate market here in Tennessee has been absolutely crazy with prices skyrocketing. We have received many generous donations for this purpose, but not enough to go forward. Rest assured, every penny that has been given specifically for the purpose of establishing a studio is in a separate savings account until there is enough funds accumulated to go forward. However, we believe that God’s timing is perfect and so is His plan. He already has the location picked out—He just hasn’t revealed it to us yet. So until then, we will continue to carefully listen to His Holy Spirit guidance. In the meantime, realtors are searching every day for just the right place. We are looking for a building that is already built and can be re-purposed for a studio so we can be up and running so much faster. However, while we wait patiently for God to reveal His plan, we are not sitting idle! We are working hard on many projects and producing new programs every week.

There is so much more that needs to be done and could be done but we need your help! We have some critical staffing needs in order to grow. People are needed to fill the following positions: video editor, marketing manager, social media specialist, graphic designer, animator, camera operator, and additional production crew. I’m also in need of an assistant, and of course, in addition to paid positions, volunteers are always welcome, so please keep all these needs in prayer.

Jesus is coming soon and we have very little time to complete the work that He has given us to do. Please prayerfully consider what God would have you do to support our ministry. Every donation is deeply appreciated. The needs are great . . . but so are the rewards. The Bible says in Isaiah 49:25, “For I will fight those who fight you, and I will save your children.” And in Isaiah 54:13, “All your children shall be taught by the Lord and great shall be the peace of your children.”

Please keep us in prayer as we work together to share Jesus with His children around the world!

For His honor and glory,

Brenda Walsh
President, Kids Club for Jesus 

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