Crocodile Facts:

  • The jaws of a crocodile are the strongest of any animal. Even that of a great white shark! They use great pressure to close their mouths. But the muscles used to open them are very weak, a large band of rubber can be placed around the jaws to keep them closed when transporting them.
  • Crocodiles are very fast over short distances on land and use the element of surprise. They can swim up to 25mph.
  • They are vocal and have about 20 different sounds for communication.
  • Baby crocs will squeak when they feel in danger.
  • The largest crocodile species is saltwater crocodile (saltie).
  • A crocodile can go through over 3,000 teeth in a lifetime.
  • It can reach 7m (23 ft) in length and weigh one ton!

Photo by vaun0815 on Unsplash
He needs his teeth brushed!
Bible Lesson
“No one is so fierce that he would dare stir him up. Who then is able to stand against Me?”
Job 41:10 (NKJV)
(God is the creator of the fierce Crocodile--He will fight your battles for you. Just ask Him!)
Ever wonder what the difference is between crocodiles and alligators.

Crocodiles vs. Alligators

  • Crocodiles have longer narrow heads with more of a v-shape compared to a alligator who has more of a u-shape.
  • Crocodiles have a clearly visible the fourth tooth on the lower jaw even when the mouth is closed.
Croc_Inter from Wikimedia user Mauriciogq
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