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Owls are one of the most fascinating creatures in the bird family!

With around 200 different species, owls come in all shapes and sizes. Despite some small physical differences, all owls are very much alike. They have incredibly sharp senses and are always aware of what is happening around them. There’s no way you could ever sneak up on an owl.

Owls wings have very soft feathers

Owls have super-hearing. One in particular, the great grey owl, can hear a mouse moving around under a layer of snow that is two feet deep! Some owls look like they have ears sticking up on their heads, but those aren’t actually ears at all . . . they are feathers, or ear tufts. An owl’s facial feathers help them hear by directing sounds to their ears. They can even hear the tiniest noises 75 feet away!

It’s a good thing that owls have big eyes. They are only active after dark, so their eyes must be extra sensitive in order to see anything at all. Owls don’t actually have eyeballs; instead, they have eye tubes which help them see in the dark, but prevent them from seeing in any direction other than straight ahead. That could be a problem for humans, but owls can rotate their heads around 270 degrees, making it easy for them to see what’s happening behind them.

Owls Talons are very sharp

Being quiet is also something owls are known for. They can sit still on a tree branch listening and watching until they locate their prey, take flight, swoop down and grab dinner with their sharp claws, and enjoy a meal without even being noticed.

A Barred Owl "Who cooks for you" song.
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WHOSE WHO?: Match the name of the owl with its picture.

Whose Who? Owl Matching
Bible Lesson

Have you ever heard God speaking to you? Have you ever seen Him do something wonderful? God talks to us through His Holy Spirit, and the more time we spend with Him in prayer and the study of His Word, the better we will be able to hear Him and see the awesome things He does in our lives. Just like the owl, our senses must be fine-tuned. If we let things of the world come into our lives, they will drown out God’s presence, and we won’t be able to hear or see Him at all. So, let’s be like the owl. Be quiet, listen closely, and watch carefully.

“I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go;
I will guide you with My eye.”
–Psalm 32:8
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