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Have you ever taken a walk through the woods and wondered what was living in all those holes in the ground? Or maybe you’ve walked past a dark cave and imagined what kind of animal made its home there? Our world is full of mysteries—creatures beyond our imagination and places that we’ve never been before.

One of the most mysterious places is beneath the ocean’s surface. There are countless interesting sea creatures that make the ocean waters their home, including the fascinating jellyfish.

The name jellyfish perfectly describes what they look like. They are gelatinous and transparent, meaning that you can see right through them. They may look harmless, but they are much more dangerous than a bowl of Jell-o! Jellyfish have several tentacles that hang down from their jelly top. God gave each of these tentacles tiny stinging cells that can paralyze just about anything that touches them.

Because the jellyfish is equipped to protect itself, it doesn’t have many predators. Only animals that aren’t hurt by its sting can actually eat them; all the other sea creatures avoid contact. Even humans know that it’s important to be very careful around them!

Bible Lesson

Like the jellyfish, we also live in a dangerous world. The devil is doing everything he can to keep us out of Heaven. We must protect ourselves against him. God knew we would need His help, so He gave us His Word. The Bible is our best protection against the attacks of the enemy. Don’t forget to spend time with Jesus each day, reading His Word and listening to His voice. He will help you win the battle against Satan!

Bible Verse: “And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”
Ephesians 6:17 (NKJV)
Moon jellyfish photo
Many jellyfish are clear, but others can be found in vibrant pink, yellow, blue, or purple colors.
orange-red jellyfish photo

Tangled Tentacles

Download the sheet and untangle the jellyfish tentacles to reveal a hidden phrase related to the activity sheet.

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Check out the Nature Fun Fact below on Jellyfish. Watch more Nature Fun Facts Here

Jellyfish have a unique and complex lifecycle.

jellyfish lifecycle diagram


Jellyfish use thier tentacles to catch food. They hunt passively using their tentacles as drift lines, or sink through the water with their tentacles spread widely; the tentacles, which contain nematocysts to stun or kill the prey. The tentacles will then help bring the food to the mouth which is on the underside of the bell.


a specialized cell in the tentacles of a jellyfish containing a barbed or venomous coiled thread that can be projected in self-defense or to capture prey.


The large umbrella shape part of the jellyfish.

  • Jellyfish are not really Fish
  • The are 95% water
  • They use propulsion to move through the water
  • The smallest jellyfish are the peculiar creeping jellyfish which have bell disks from 0.5 millimetres (1⁄32 in) to a few millimeters in diameter
  • The largest jellyfish is the Lion's Mane jellyfish
  • The deadliest jellyfish is the Box jellyfish
Box Jellyfish
The Box jellyfish Kirsten
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