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Older Stories/Vintage Books (PG 8)

God Loves You   Book image
God Loves You
Our family's favorite stories and prayers

A beautiful book of stories and prayers for children, filled with warm and simple talks with God and humorous stories used to illustrate Dr. Peter Marshall's sermons." Charming illustrations throughout by Nora Unwin....Will help your children understand what God is like and how he wants us to act. This book has the four absolute uppermost qualities we seek in Christian books: 1) Excellence in content, 2) Literary quality, 3) Appealing design, and 4) Significance of contribution.

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Ref: 8-GLY
Author: Catherine and Peter Marshall
Ages: 8+
Date: 1953
Pages: 48 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
FA  + missing dust jacket. Part of it is stuck to hardbound cover.
Child's Bible Reader Book image
Child's Bible Reader

Stories from the Old and New Testaments told for 52 Sabbaths of the year. Illustrated. Includes "Missing Word Story" fill in the blanks for every four sabbaths so there are 13 total. Two color layouts inside.

Ref: 8-CBR
Author: Charlotte M. Yonge
Ages: 12+
Date: 1958
Pages: 260 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
FA   + Book is worn with cover edge showing signs of wear. Yellowed inside pages from natural aging. Pg 31 was filled out by a child at one time. Otherwise book is solid condition for age.
Great Bible Stories for Children Book image
Great Bible Stories for Children

Great Bible Stories for Children is a beautifully illustrated volume, paraphrased in today's English. It will help children gain an appreciation for the wonderful stories of the Bible. The stories selected have been chosen for their appeal to children as well as for their instructional value. They were written to be read easily and understood by children. Biblical source references appear at the end of each text.

Ref: 8-GBSC-red
Author: R. Lane Easterly
Ages: 4+
Date: 1974
Pages: 288 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
FA   + Marker on back inside cover
Great Bible Stories for Children Book image
Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Stories

Selected of true stories from Uncle Arthur's Bedtime Story series. Still contains original bedtime story postcard mailer on the inside. A great old classic. Classic color images throughout.

Ref: 8-UABS
Author: Arthur S. Maxwell
Ages: 5-7
Date: 1966
Pages: 128(softcover)
In Stock: 1
FA   + Inscription on cover page

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LN LIKE NEW: The book is in the same condition as when it was published.
VG VERY GOOD: Some small signs of wear–but no tears on either binding or paper.
  FI   FINE: Almost as new, but without being crisp. The book may have been opened and read, but there are no defects to the book’s cover or pages.
GD GOOD: An average used worn book that has all pages or leaves present.
FA FAIR: Worn book that has complete text pages, but may lack non-essential pages. Binding, cover, pages may also be worn.
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