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Bible Stories & Characters (PG 6)

Bedtime Bible Story Book mage
Bedtime Bible Story Book
365-read-aloud Bedtime Stories with discussion questions.

Hurlbut's Bible Stories have introduced generations of children to the Bible. Exciting, true to the these stories are arranged so that your child can go through the Bible in one Year.

Ref: 6-BTBSB
Author: Jesse Lyman Hurlbut
Ages: 8-12
Date: 1989
Pages: 49 (hardcover)
In Stock: 3
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David and Goliath / CD Storybook

Brave Young David faces the fiercest warrior of all time, the wicked giant Goliath, armed with a simple slingshot and his unyielding faith in God. CD included! Storybook Read-along Track and 10 Fun-filled Christian Songs.children's book.

Ref: 6-DGCD
Author: Darcy Weinbeck
Ages: 4-7
Date: 2012
Pages: 22 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
 The Story of Elijah ( The Story of Series ) book image
Jesus, Friend of Children
Stories for young readers.

Stories cover the life of Christ from Bethlehem to the Ascension and are taken from The Bible Story books.

Ref: 6-JFOC
Author: Arthur S.Maxwell
Ages: 6+
Date: 1988
Pages: 96 (softcover)
In Stock: 2
The Story for Kids book image
The Story for Kids
Discover the Bible from beginning to end.

Encouraging your 8 to 12-year-olds to see the Bible as relevant and transformational, this edition reads like one continuous story—complete with adventure, humor, and drama!. NIV Readers Version.

Ref: 6-SFK
Author: Max Lucado and Randy Fazee
Publisher: ZonderKids
Ages: 8-12 years
Date: 2018
Pages: 288 (softcover)
In Stock: 2
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