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Bible Stories & Characters (PG 6)

 Beautiful Bible Stories book image
Beautiful Bible Stories

Familiar Bible stories from both the New and Old Testament

Ref: 6-BBS
Author: Patricia Summerlin Martin
Ages: 8-12
Date: 1964
Pages: 482 (hardcover)
In Stock: 2
GD  + Illustrations/images are old tradtional style inside. 1 copy has name written on inside.
 365 Bible Stories and Verses book image
365 Bible Stories and Verses

365 Stories from the Bible from creation to the second coming

Ref: 6-BSV
Author: Muriel Granger
Ages: 6-12
Date: 1973
Pages: 237 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
FA   + Cover shows signs of wear, inside pages are fine.
 The Exodus book image
The Bible Story Hour

Color and black and white illustrations throughout. Stories from the Old and New Testament including Moses in the bullrushes and the Nativity.

Ref: 6-TBSH
Author: Louisa M. Johnston
Ages: 8+
Date: 1993
Pages: 191 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
 Golden Treasury of Bible StoriesBook image
Golden Treasury of Bible Stories

Nearly Two hundred stories from Genesis to Revelation. Color illustrations throughout.

Ref: 6-GTBS
Publisher: Southern Publishing Assoc.
Ages: Families, 7-12
Date: 1971
Pages: 575 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
 The Illustrated Bible for Children Book image
The Illustrated Bible for Children

The Old Testament; The New Testament; Index of Stories and Bible references; Maps - Palestine in the time of Our Lord and The Missionary journeys of the apostle Paul.

Ref: 6-TIB
Author: Ray Hughes
Publisher: Wishing Wells
Ages: Families, 7-12
Date: 1987
Pages: 269 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
 101 Read Aloud Bible Storiesbook image
101 Read Aloud Bible Stories
From the Old and New Testament

Young children can experience the great pleasures and wonders of the Bible, in under ten-minutes per selection, with these faithful adaptations of the Old and New Testament now told in modern prose. Book has black and white illustrations.

Ref: 6-101
Author: Joan C. Verniero
Ages: 4-10
Date: 2001
Pages: 320 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
FA   + a couple pages in the front are wrinkled and puling away from spine.
 The Life of Jesus book image
The Life of Jesus
A Picture Bible Story

The story of the life of Jesus in graphic noval form. Based on narratives by Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. Bible References appear in the footnotes and listed on the last pages. Full color.

Ref: 6-LOJ
Author: HM Rasi/ Pac Press
Ages: 8+
Date: 1984
Pages: 49 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
Leading Little Ones to God book image
Leading Little Ones to God
A Child's Book of Bible Teachings

The greatest concern of every Christian parent and teacher is to lead children to grow in their faith and understanding of God. This classic volume uses simple, conversational language to discuss such matters as the nature of God, sin, salvation, the Christian life, the church, prayer and the Second Coming. Widely used by teachers and parents, this valuable book contains eighty-six sections, each followed by discussion questions, a suggested reading, a hymn, and a prayer.

Ref: 6-LLOTG
Author: Marian M Schoolland
Ages: 4-10
Date: 1962
Pages: 173 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
The Newborn king book image
The Newborn King
Moses' Story from the Bible

Full page illustrations of the birth of Christ.

Ref: 6-TNK
Author: Dalmation Press
Ages: kindergarten
Date: 2002
Pages: 25 (hardboard pages)
In Stock: 1
GD  name on the front in marker. cover shows signs of slight wear.
David and Goliath book image
David and Goliath

Story of how David fought and killed Goliath with God's help. Realistic full color illustrations on each page.

Ref: 6-DG
Author: Catherine Storr/Dalmation Press
Ages: 4-8 years
Date: 2001 br> Pages: 22 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
FI  + Small smudge on inside first page.
The Story for Kids book image
The Story for Kids
Discover the Bible from beginning to end.

Encouraging your 8 to 12-year-olds to see the Bible as relevant and transformational, this edition reads like one continuous story—complete with adventure, humor, and drama!. NIV Readers Version.

Ref: 6-SFK
Author: Max Lucado and Randy Fazee
Publisher: ZonderKids
Ages: 8-12 years
Date: 2018
Pages: 288 (softcover)
In Stock: 8
GD   + Some copies have inscriptions/names in the front page. Otherwise most were unused.
The Jesus Storybook Bible image
The Jesus Storybook Bible
Every Story whispers His Name

Includes 44 illustrated Bible stories.

Ref: JSB
Author: Sally-Lloyd-Jones
Publisher: ZonderKids Ages: 4-8 years
Date: 2007
Pages: 352 (hardcover)
In Stock: 3
Read and Learn Bible Story Book image
Read and Learn Bible

Parents and children can deepen their understanding of the Bible by reading Bible stories together. The Read and Learn Bible features stories from the Old and New Testament including: Genesis, Noah and the Flood, Exodus, Daniel in the Lion's Den, The Story of Queen Esther, The Nativity, Jesus the Teacher, Jesus Comes to Jerusalem, and many more. Full color, illustrated.

Ref: R&LB
Author: American Bible Society
Ages: 4 - 8 years
Date: 2005
Pages: 544 (hardcover)
In Stock: 2
LN   New, but has a couple bent over pages in the back.
 1969 Egermeier's Bible Story Book image
Egermeier's Bible Story Book (Blue)

This classic copy has 312 stories that cover the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Younger children will sit spellbound as you read these stories to them. Older children who read for themselves will return to Egermeier's again and again as a trusted friend. Beauty and simplicity of style invites the meaning of the Bible into the child's heart and mind to become an active part of his life, and to never to be forgotten.

Ref: 6-ERG2
Author: Elsie Egermeier
Publisher: Warner Press
Ages: Families, 10+
Date: 1969
Pages: 575+ (hardcover)
In Stock: 1

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