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Adventure Books (PG 5)

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Max Moves In, God and Joseph & Me, Rescued from the River, Grandma Stepped on Fred
A Child's Steps to Jesus - Series

Books cover stories on obedience, God's love, salvation and forgiveness.

Ref: 5-STJ4
Author: Pacific Press
Ages: 4-7
Date: 2016
Pages: 64 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1 (4 books)
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What would jesus do book image
What Would Jesus Do?

What happens when a small town pastor and a handful of children choose to live the way Jesus would?

Ref: 5-WWJD
Author: Charles M. Steps
Ages: 8-12
Date: 1997
Pages: 255 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
Great Stories for Kids
Vol 1

A collection of power packed short stories written to help children deal with problems and make good decisions.

Ref: 5-GSFK1
Author: Jerry D. Thomas
Ages: 10-14
Date: 1995
Pages: 185 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1
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Kids Club for Jesus is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization. Please visit our profile on Guidestar