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Christmas In mY heart series collage cover Image
Christmas In My Heart (VOL 1-27)
Treasury of Old Fashioned Christmas Stories

Experienced editor and compiler Joe Wheeler brings a new collection of powerfully inspiring Christmas stories to the Christmas in My Heart series. These moving stories have become part of a Christmas tradition for thousands of families who have come to love their Christ-centered, love-filled message.

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Ref: CIMH (1-27)
Author: Joe Wheeler
Date: 1992-2018
Pages: 128 (softcover)
In Stock: 27

Mom In mY heart book cover Image
Mom In My Heart
Treasury of Heartwarming Stories about Moms

Like Joe Wheeler's popular Christmas in My Heart books, Mom in My Heart is a touching collection of classic short stories that will tug at your heart and take up permanent residence in your memories. These stories about the selfless love of mothers, stepmothers, surrogate mothers, and mentors are suitable for reading aloud to your family or enjoying alone for a cozy evening's entertainment.

Author: Joe Wheeler
Date: 1997
Pages: 160 (softcover)
In Stock: 1

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A Mother's Love Is Forever cover Image
A Mother's Love Is Forever
Collected Stories and Quotations

Moms are special. And this book serves to remind mothers of their importance in our lives --- of their vital roles as nurturers, examples, teachers, and friends. Filled with Scripture, quotations, anecdotes, and prayers, this timeless collection honors the special woman we call Mother --- because "A Mother's Love is Forever". This is a smaller book.

Author: Ellyn Sanna
Date: 1996
Pages: 40 (hardcover)
In Stock: 1


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