About KCFJ

Our Mission

To introduce Jesus to children around the world and transform them into global leaders for Christ.

Kids Club for Jesus Studio

Produces religious programming and materials for children to introduce children to God’s love.

Kids Club for Jesus
Children's Leadership Center

"Training kids to be leaders for Christ"

Please watch the special message from Dr. Andrew R. Harewood.

  • Training children to be leaders, through online and classroom instruction.
  • Developing leadership skills that will be put to use in both church and community.
  • Teach respect for God and other authority figures.
  • Inspire children to witness by modeling and mentoring—using their talents, participating in mission trips, doing community service, helping others, and witnessing.
  • Community outreach projects:
    • Giving Bible studies
    • Preaching, Teaching Sabbath School lessons
    • Volunteering/Helping (ie: Samaritain center, local churches, community non-profits)
  • Provide Bible-based parenting instruction.
The Lab
More details coming soon.

A weekly church service where children will be leading out in preaching, worship music, teaching scripture and more.

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Kids Club for Jesus Studio and Leadership Center is a 501c(3) Non-profit orginization. Please visit our profile on Guidestar